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            Pendidikan Lingkungan Hidup ( PLH ) merupakan salaah satu pendidikan yang penting untuk meningkatkan kesadaran masyarakat akan pentingnya menjaga lingkungan. Pendidikan ini harus diajarkan ulai dari SD hingga SMA. Namun sayangnya, PLH yang diajarkan di SD khususnya dirasa kurang efektif karena menggunakan metoda yang membosakan bagi siswa. Selain itu, PLH juga hanya diajarkan di beberapa sekolah di pulau jawa, karena bukan termasuk dalam kurikulum pendidikan Indonesia.

            Proyek permainan Eco – Green Hero adalah salah satu permainan edukatif yang dapat menjadi salah satu metode dan cara penyampaian Pendidikan Lingkungan Hidup kepada para siswa SD. Diharapkan setelah anak – anak memainkan permainan ini, akan timbul rasa cinta dan sadar akan lingkungan , seperti membuang sampah pada tempatnya dan lain – lain.


Keyword : Pendidikan, Lingkungan Hidup, Permainan Edukatif


1.      Background

Environmental education is one of true science of environment and how to manage it, in order to ensure the survival and welfare of humans and other living creatures. Education about environment is very important.  Given this education to the public, is expected to be a realization that environment must be grow and develop properly and keep it.

Environmental education must be given to all level and ages both in school and outside the school. All level of education from kindergarten, elementary, junior, and senior high school until general public should be educated about environment, and of course in different delivery.

This education is one of the important factors to minimize environmental damage, increase understanding and awareness of community in finding solutions and prevention of environmental problem.

Children, especially in elementary school should already know about environmental issues around them. Environmental education that taught in school has not been optimally implemented. Besides that, environmental education only taught in several schools in java. Environmental education is not considered important by government by not put it into the curriculum of education in Indonesia.

2.      Practical Solution had been Carried Out by Government/ NGO/ Community

Since 2006, environmental education has been included in the curriculum at the school, but only being a local content subject. It also only exists in some provinces on the island of Java Such as Jakarta, West Java, Banten and so on. In the formal education, environmental education should be introduced to the students to grow up a love of the environment from early age.

On the island of Java, environmental education is taught as a local content subject, where the teacher has been provided with reading material and books for student. While, out of Java, like my school in Aceh, environmental education is integrated or inserted into other subjects such as natural Science. There are no special teachers who teach environmental education. In many schools, environmental education is taught by lecture method often makes the students get bored and do not understand the material from teacher.

But for junior and senior high schools, environmental education has begun to be taught in practice as the practice of recycling and others. For elementary school, environmental education is still limited to the material taught and question only. Besides government, environmental education is also delivered by the community of nature lovers, as Mapala University of Lampung. They teach this education through the action of planting trees. Through this method, the children directly interact with nature through tree planting activities.

3.      Personal Project

Environmental education that taught in school is less effective for students to catch and understand the subject. Especially for elementary school where they are still learning to adapt to a different system with kindergarten. The atmosphere and desire to play is still felt in elementary school students (first – third grades).

Environmental education is taught by lecture or Q/A (Question and Answer) method would be very boring for them. Moreover, environmental education which is actually an additional subject, maybe they assume the subject is not very important. Same as the condition outside the island of java where environmental education is inserted in other subject had only a very small percentage. So that the teacher do not have much material to be delivered to the students.

See the phenomenon the author is interested in making an educational game about the environment. This game is expected to be one of the new teaching methods for teacher to present knowledge about environment. This game can be alternative game during breaks at school.

“Learn while playing”, that’s the motto which is often pronounced by Mrs. Kasur, and that concepts are applied to improve the understanding of elementary school students about environmental education. By staying aware of the existence of the government curriculum limitation and advantages, to the dynamic of learning, this method of education developed without departing from the nature of play that exist in every child and teenagers (Sumardi, 2005, p. 96).

By playing, we took the kids to learn more about nature, learn environmental issues, prevent damage and maintain the earth. This is the development of educational games from playing on snake and ladders. By changing the game system and add new content about environment, children are expected to be able to capture the knowledge about environment better and faster.

In the process of designing educational toys, the designer using 5W + 1H to analyze, such as :

  1. What              : Eco – Green Hero, a game of snakes and ladder with a new version of the environment
  2. Who               : Children aged 8 – 13 years old (third until sixth grades)
  3. Where            : This game can be played in two places :
  • Indoor/  home/ class/ on the table ( Mini Board )
  • Outdoor/ field/ garden ( Giant Board )
  1. When             : This game can be played during break or in class when learning time
  2. Why               : This game was made because of the limited knowledge of the children about environmental issues that exist around them. Besides that, methods of environmental education is taught in school is not effective because it is taught using the lecture method. This game was created to be one way or method for teacher to deliver knowledge about environment to the student.
  3. How                : Environmental issues and green problem is displayed in the form of a game of snakes and ladder that modified in system of the game and have educational value in it.

What is Eco – Green Hero?

Eco – Green Hero is a game board that content of the game is environmental education. This game is an innovation and modification of existing snakes and ladder game. The aim of this game is to provide knowledge of environment to children to increase their love and concern for the environment. Content of this game is to teach the children how to process waste, provide knowledge about energy saving, to take the children to apply the green life style in daily activity and so on. The method of the game is enjoy learning by playing and enjoy playing by learning.


            For mini board version, this games using combination between recycle wood (MDF) and metal for base board. Pawn for player is made from sawdust in a solid form. A set games Eco – Green Hero consist of a game board, six player pawns, two dice and shuffle, Green and Hot Energy tokens, recycling trash, recycling and waste tokens, knowledge card, and Q/A card.

For giant board, board game was changed to the print sheet size 6 x 6 meters, where the pawn is the players themselves. Eco value of this product is not only from the content but also the material.

How to Play?

            This game can be played by 4 – 6 people. Each player will get some recycle and waste tokens with the same amount. Besides that, each payer will also get one pawn and some energy tokens. Each player will get their turn to play and they have to roll the dice and take the pawn in accordance with the number of dice.

There are some boxes that must pass before they finally got to the finish. They will go through the boxes containing interesting and cute illustration with brief knowledge about the environment. Players will also go through the recycle box where they must exchange the waste token with the recycle token. Besides that, there is a box trash bin where they have to sort waste according to the type of waste. Player will also go through Q/A Eco – Green box, where they will get a question from the card and must answer the question. If the answer correctly, they will get a green energy token, but if they are wrong, they will get a hot energy token. Winner of this game is the player who has the largest green energy token and waste token at least.

At the end of this game, the winner will get the title hero of environment and get the crown as appreciation. According to the name, the game teaches the children how become a hero and rescue of environment. During play the game, children must accompanied by a teacher or adult to guide the game.

This game can be an alternative learning environmental education in schools. Teachers can invite students to play this game uses a giant version in the yard to get closer to nature. When playing this game, students use the brain to study the ideas, solve environmental problems, and apply what they learn from this game in their life. Environmental education is not only taught in schools but also at home and in the neighborhood. This game can also played at home with family or neighbors in holyday.

With this game, we took the kids to learn, with the game we took the kid to think to answer the question without saying they are being tested. With the simple game, we change the mindset of the children become greener and care about the environment for our grandchild.

Picture 1. Design for content of Eco – Green Hero ( Sample)

 D.    Resource Requirements ( Budget, Manpower, and Facilities )

Talking about the budget, this educational game is a low budget project. To produce a set of Eco – Green Hero games, we just need about Rp 100.000,00 – Rp 200.000,00. Even to produce this game in mini board version, the budget could be cheaper, because some of the material used is the rest of the production task of product design at the University of Paramadina workshop.

Lots of wood and other material waste that is not used anymore in workshop, but still in large size. As a student of product designer and environmental activist, I see this as an opportunity to create new product and effort to save the environment. To produce this toy, I will be assisted by several student of Product Design University of Paramadina. Besides that, with the team, I will do trial and error as well as counseling and introduction of this toy to several elementary schools both in java and outside java. We do counseling so that schools outside java also get the knowledge about environment. By working together with University of Paramadina, so the production process will be carried out in workshop. To produce this game, we only need simple tools such as saws, hammers, nails, sandpaper and some other equipment.

Spending hundred to two hundred thousand rupiah and devote less energy to produce this game will be replaced with many children who have knowledge about environment after play this game. From playing a low-budget game, we will huge-impact on the environment.E.     The Economic and Environmental Benefits

From the environment side, this game does not give direct effect on the environment, but it will give impact on children who play this game. Changes in behavior become more aware and love environment will be an impact on the environment itself. Besides that, this project can be a sustainable project in education. Procurement of product as a way and media to learn environmental education can cooperate with the local department of education. To production process, we can use the power of local carpenter. Department of education can work together with carpenter in the area. The production process more environmentally friendly because it would use less energy as a result of the use of simple tools. Not only the carpenters, common people can make this game with a little knowledge of craft and design.

When the game is favored by many people, it will be many people who would it want to buy. Some people buy this product because of environmental content offered. As a result, mass production should be done. So, will appear small businesses to produce and manufacture this game. It will help the local economy. Community’s economy will be lifted by the field of work arising from the production this game.


Sumardi, I. S. (2005). Melalwan Stigma Melalui Pendidikan Alternatif. Jakarta: PT Grasindo.



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